Shelter Pet Project Asks You to Take Action: Celebrate “Shelter Pets Day”

by Mary Haight on November 30, 2010

Shelter Pet Project says today is the day you can help get shelter pets adopted!  November 30th, reach out to 500 million people on Facebook and help them decide to adopt a shelter pet by using your own shelter pet story, uploading a photo, tweeting, and remember to tag the Shelter Pet Project or put it on their wall!  It’s  a great opportunity to talk about your wonderful experiences with your shelter dog or cat, whether in the past or in the now:)  Here’s their announcement:

Nov. 30 is “Celebrate Shelter Pets Day” on Facebook!

Don’t you wish you could do something to help shelter pets find homes? Well, on Nov. 30, you can!

Every year, millions of people consider adopting shelter dogs or cats, but many don’t follow through because they wrongly assume there’s something wrong with shelter pets.

Those of us who share our lives with adopted and rescued pets know that’s not true. We know that shelters and rescue groups are full of great pets – dogs with one ear up and one ear down, senior dogs content to cuddle on the sofa and watch TV with you, and frisky young kittens with a passionate interest in your computer keyboard.

So on Nov. 30, we’re asking you to do something very, very simple: Post to Facebook telling the world about a great shelter pet who shares, or has shared, your life:

– Post the pet’s name and story.
– Share your favorite memories.
– Tell everyone the best story of all: How you met and fell in love.

You can post any way you like:

– Make a status update.
– Share a photo.
– Link to a blog post or website about the pet.
– Send a Tweet to your followers (suggested Tweet below!) – Just be sure to tag The Shelter Pet Project in your post, or come over and post it to our wall, or both.

And most importantly, spread the word:



If you’re on Twitter, here’s a Tweet you can use to let your followers know about our Celebration:

On Nov. 30, help The Shelter Pet Project celebrate @ShelterPets Day on Facebook! Spread the word: #shelterpets

Here’s a Tweet for posting the day of the celebration:

 Today is Celebrate @ShelterPets Day on Facebook! Join the Shelter Pet Project and spread the word: #shelterpets

Your simple post will help let people know that shelters pets are great pets, and will make a real difference in the number of dogs and cats who find homes.

Have questions? Post them on our wall, or DM us on Twitter (@ShelterPets).

Let’s celebrate shelter pets!

It will only take you a minute to post a photo of your shelter pet; even less to tweet the event!  If you have 15 minutes to tell your story with a photo on your Facebook page and put it on the Wall of the Shelter Pet Project, well then- you’ve done some fabulous work to help people see how wonderful shelter pets are – they are not  “less than” or different from any other pet just because their people failed them.  And if you don’t believe me, just look at my rescued from Chicago streets dog Tashi (photo above), who is, I maintain, perfect and loving in every way – without doubt, the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had the privilege of caring for.


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