Program for Pit Bulls and the Back Story

by Mary Haight on November 25, 2010

PBS’s Chicago Tonight ran a story on a pit bull rehabilitation program that began several years ago with financial help from HSUS.  I was glad to see they are still having success in inner city areas, expanding the program, and changing the way people see pit bulls.  I wrote a story in May last year on this group, shot a video report from Tio Hardiman , the  original thinker who designed and implemented the program, and interviewed reformed dog fighters who now help neighborhood kids stop fighting dogs and start learning how to train them instead. (Thanks to Brent Toellner for pointing out WTTW did not give credit to Tio Hardiman, see comments.)

Watch the full episode. See more Chicago Tonight.

Here are two other related videos one from the Pickett brothers, the other from Shawn Moore all reformed dog fighters now working the program and  pit bull trainer Jeff Jenkins who leads community training programs.

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