Microchips: Your Best Friend’s Best Friend

by Mary Haight on November 17, 2010

For the second time today I read a story about microchipping. The first one was crushing. Target, the female German Shepherd mix, a decorated war dog back from Afghanistan and recently on Oprah, was accidentally euthanized. The dog escaped from owner Sgt. Terry Young’s fenced yard. Sgt Young saw online that the dog had been impounded over the weekend, so waited until Monday to go pick her up. That was a fatal mistake.  Target, a stray in Afghanistan, saved dozens of soldiers after blocking a suicide bomber from entering a building. See the rest of story over at John Woestendiek‘s Ohmidog!

Then at this late hour I saw a tweet from Steve Dale about Bo, a dog that was stolen five years ago and was found hundreds of miles from home, returned because of a microchip! See the video from Steve Dale’s Pet World.

This is one thing we can all do to give our dogs a fighting chance. Is your dog’s microchip information up-to-date?

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