Chicago’s Animal Care and Control – New Incident

by Mary Haight on November 8, 2010

After I read the email, I felt I could do nothing less than give this person space in a post. She poses an interesting question about the media:

Ellen Graham commented on Chicago’s Animal Care and Control: WGN Pulls Story – Dancing Dog Blog:

“If I could show proof as a citizen of the City of Chicago that three of my cats, Daisy, Iz, and Boo were at Animal Care and Control’s facility by mistake, that I was unable to locate them or pick them up from the facility for 5 days because of incompetent, rude and uncompassionate staff, and that they contracted the deadly virus Panleukopenia, while in that facility for 5 days, causing one of them to die (Boo) and the other two (Iz & Daisy) to be violently ill for weeks and still suffer with residual symptoms, would the media be willing to run a story regarding the serious problems at ACC and Cherie Travis’ lack of professionalism and inept ability to run to this facility?

This story should be put out there so that citizens of the City of Chicago and all over the country are aware how Cherie Travis and her staff are managing and treating animals in this facility. Any assistance anyone can give me to ensure that this does happen to ANY OTHER within this facility would be greatly appreciated.”

I had heard this story from other sources, but had not been contacted by the individual until now.  She poses an interesting question.  How many stories like this do media people need before they act?  

With all the incidents that continue at Chicago’s Animal Care and Control, we are beginning to see its not only the animals in the facility or the employees that are being mismanaged, but here’s something that has affected a citizen – someone not involved in the industry, but who shows the effect that mismanagement can have.  We know that this feline disease has a gestation period of  less than 14 days and extraordinary stress can speed up that timeline. You’ll have to watch the video linked above for the details of this story.  How many more are out there who have said nothing or just complained to an alderman who may have taken not much notice of it as a singular event?

There were several items I wanted to mention and ask questions about on Steve Dale’s radio show  on Saturday, but was completely distracted by my suddenly sick dog (apologies to Steve), one of which items had to do with abuse in the workplace complaints. Apparently one complaint was acknowledged as true by the City according to sources and I wanted to know if he might know more, because he usually does (see Dale’s blog here). Other points of interest as reported by sources: Firings continue, though more people who were fired won their cases and are back on the job with back pay. Even employees who have been lauded as most valuable by a previous director, with 20 years on the job have been fired recently – no reason. You have to wonder if this mess is being created on purpose, to show that no one can or will do anything about it. 

The Director may also have kept her position at PACT the trap-neuter-release rescue she came from – I would think there was a conflict of interest here unless I am mistaken and some agreement in employment contract was made in this regard.  Seems a lot of accommodations have been made in this appointment with little in the way of background checks, but then the City has never been particular about who leads ACC as long as it causes them no headaches.  Ah the irony of it all.


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