Chicago Animal Care and Control Update

by Mary Haight on November 22, 2010

This question came up in my last post, Chicago Animal Care and Control – New Incident, how many stories like Ellen Graham’s does it take to get media involved?  How about 65?  That’s the number of individuals Graham says have reclaimed their animals from ACC and found they were ill, many with distemper. Graham has heard many stories similar to her own while collecting signatures.

According to her latest figures, Graham and her friends are closing in on 2000 signatures on her petition to change conditions and procedures at Chicago’s Animal Care and Control after she suffered the loss of her cat, Boo, and the infection of her two other cats with the deadly Panleukopenia virus.  Her cats were released by CACC without giving her notice that they had been exposed to this virus in the facility.  Graham reports that records show her cat  Boo was treated with a vaccine for FLPV.  CACC knew this disease was present.

There is one more bit of news from Graham – the Chicago Animal Care and Control vet, Dr. Yamaji, spent his own money covering the bills for her two other cats.  He also went above and beyond the call of duty by calling  every couple of hours to report on Boo’s condition.  When he had to go off duty, he put Robert Zborek, a vet tech, in charge of watching Boo. Zborek saw Boo put her head up in the  morning.  She died a few hours later. There are good people who care working at CACC.

If there are that many people out there with animals who have gotten sick at CACC, I would hope they come forward, report their experience, offer what proof they have.  People need to be aware of these issues so something can get done to change them. 

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