Shelter Dogs Win: Dog Food Company Measures Success by the Bowl

by Mary Haight on October 1, 2010

Dog Food Bowl
Image by JnL via Flickr

This news came in from twitter pal Anthony Holloway, owner of K9Cuisine , and I was so excited about it I just had to drop everything and pass it on to you. It looks like shelter dogs may win big!  There’s a Canadian dog food company, Darford, that is working on a project to create a sustainable difference in the lives of shelter dogs. It’s the “Plus One Movement” set to launch in the Spring.  Anthony knew I had recently been blogging about evaluating corporate charity, looking for sustainability or at least measurability, and this announcement drops into view! 

Plus One is a simple program.  You “buy for one and care for two”  at no cost to you.  Purchase any Darford’s treats or food, and a Zero G (no glutens, no grains, no gmos) meal packet is provided for a shelter dog.  There’s a hamper at the point of purchase where each packet is collected by local shelters/rescues. They are getting the word out now and when they launch, people will know to visit one of the 2000 participating stores in North America to help make the program a success.

What a great idea – it’s customer driven, company provided, and locally distributed.  And even if you don’t feed their food, you can buy a box of treats and do the same good thing for shelter animals. It will need numbers to make a solid impact, so keep your eyes peeled =)

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