Best Dog Game Contest Ever: Nina Ottosson & Good Dog Deed!

by Mary Haight on September 4, 2010

Sometimes the best things aren’t planned. I had mentioned the Be The Change for pets blogging community effort the other day, and checked on the progress of the four listings offered for participation. I saw that Oh My Dog Blog’s Maggie Marton  and her mission to get a mile of postcards to the Mayor of Denver’s office protesting Breed Specific Legislation(BSL)  was making a final push for more cards before the BlogPaws conference in Denver Setember 9-11. I had this fabulous smart toy puzzle by Nina Ottosson from the ever wonderful Company of Animals to review… seemed like a good fit!

Here’s the deal.  To get this really cool prize worth around $50, just send in the ready-made electronic postcard with your return address on it. The picture and text that is printed there can be used if you don’t want to spend any time at this (but read the card if you have an extra moment – it’s a great story:) It will take you two minutes per card inclusive. After the first one it’ll probably go faster!  Bet you caught on that whoever sends in the most postcards to wins! But don’t miss the details so read on…

You win a great prize and you earn really good dog karma for the reminder to Denver’s Mayor that we think his law stinks! (And so does the report by the government of Netherlands that BSL doesn’t work.)   Here’s what you do:

1.  Go to Campaign to end BSL: Operation Denver

2.  Scroll down 6 short paragraphs until you see the link “Emmett Postcard” – Click!

3.  The front of the postcard comes up first, scroll down a little and you will see the message to the Mayor from Maggie. in the upper middle-right of the card you will see a little box that asks you to fill out your name, address, email, blog so the Mayor knows all these are not from Maggie but other verifiable people.

4.   Save it to your computer and close the file. Go to your email and attach your Emmett postcards (or custom make your own if you go that route)  addressed to Time is short so you may want to take the easy way on this project.

TO ENTER THE CONTEST CC the Email to me at If you make a mistake, just do it over again – it’s all for a good cause. In the email confirm the number of postcards you sent to Maggie. We will coordinate on that point.

5.  Contest ends September 8 at 5:00 pm. Good luck!


The Dog Twister is a scalable (!) learning toy that helps your dog gain confidence and progress with his puzzle solving abilities. There’s a very thorough booklet that describes all the games and how they generally work. The tips and pointers are an important read – they help you make certain not to overface or frustrate your dog. A DVD is also included with an interview between Dr. Mugford and Nina Ottosson.

Tashi is a beginner which is why you see that the bones that are part of this game have been removed. I wanted him to concentrate only on moving the sliders under which treats are placed. He hasn’t really used his paws much, except to remind me it’s time for dinner, so this is a great game where he can stretch and develop his thinking. Just be sure to keep sessions short and fun – cheer your dog’s successes however small:) Since Tashi’s hair tends to obscure the view, check out the link that follows for more of an expert’s take on this game…

…at Dog Spelled Forward CPDT Eric Goebelbecker and his video starring Caffeine:) Then make some more postcard entries to win! Share this with your Facebook friends – everyone needs good dog karma:)

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