Salmon Paws Treats, Four Paws Up!

by Mary Haight on August 18, 2010

Salmon Paws sent their new “value pak” version of the salmon omega stix treats, and I was impressed. These dog (and cat) treats are 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon with no bones, fillers, are handmade of human grade salmon and baked with a little sea salt according to the manufacturer.  

The jerky sticks were soft, and it was easy for my dog to bite off pieces. And he’s missing his canines! The aroma was heady, in a good way. So much so that when I opened the package and said “salmon!” my dog awoke with a start, stood up, and seemed to say: “where, where!” Part of the whole salmon connoiseur thing he’s been cultivating. 

What was weirdly funny was that I had not read the testimonial page until I started writing. Apparently company owners used the word “salmon” to stop their dog Zoey (the Beagle) from doing something ill-advised as a puppy. Food drive can be a very useful thing!  In fact a trainer offered in a testimonial that this was the only product he used in his training sessions, and I can see why. I liked the salmon stix especially because they were not greasy to handle as some salmon products are.

Salmon Paws jerky treats comes in a vacuum sealed bag of 9 one-ounce sticks.  They have several other styles of salmon available, flat portions and also ground for cats. There is one version with organic broccoli added and another with organic wheatgrass. A new “Daily Meal Topper” will be available soon for dogs that you can sprinkle on their food that includes sweet potatoes, broccoli, and carrots – fine dining!

While the minimum order from the website is $35, there is a handy store locator that will point you to the nearest retail store so you can try these treats for much less:) The company has been manufacturing salmon products for 15 years and if you missed the interview with Salmon Paws owner Debbie Wakabayashi, check out the link.

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