7 Ways to Help You Help Your Dog

by Mary Haight on August 13, 2010

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An Anniversary is coming up this November, marking a two-year milestone for Dancing Dog Blog.  That’s just scary!  How could so much time have passed in a blink? As an early thanks, here’s  7 links to ways that should help you help your dog.  Let me know what you think, what else you’d like to hear about, and maybe share some of your own practical solutions and remedies!

l.  Household Items Useful In A Pet Emergency  Ten informative how-to tips to help you handle an emergency from bee stings to a solution that will ensure the animal vomits up anything toxic he might have got into.

2.  Toxic Dog Toys: Not Just From China  This is a post I wish more people would read. It exposed the fact that this problem is now a problem with US made goods and then gave everyone a tool to use to check their toys for safety, and not only dog toys, but children’s also. Since we all live in the same household and share, it’s a pretty darn good idea!

3.  Children’s Stuffed Toys Are Deadly to Pets The natural follow up to the toxic dog toys post that talks about the dangers of garage sale stuffed toys for your dogs, and why you should beware.

4.  This is a post I wish I wrote by Christie Keith at Pet Connection: “Which Do You Hate More: HSUS or Puppy Mills?” You’ll have to go read it to see what I mean.

5.  Giving Pet Shops and Puppy Mills the Boot  One I favor because it gets readers up to speed on commercial puppy mills and the impact of buying puppies from pet shops.  It also created a lively conversation on the state of shelters (a topic of discussion coming up on blogtalk radio where I’ll be guesting, so hope to see you there).

6. Reviewing the Dog Food Reviewers This refers to a site that reviews dog food review sites and uses a credibility rating!

7. “Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats” A little different definition of “useful” here, but this book review of Bradley Trevor Grieve’s work of art was the most fun to write, I was happy for days afterward; that book – what a pleasure! 

 Since number four doesn’t really qualify in the category here’s one more: The Fight Over Pet Food vs Pet Food Safety  explains the argument re raw, commercial, home-cooked, and gets to the root of the matter with an interesting new study on the effects of GMO corn. And if you just want something simple like how to pick a pet sitter or a daycare center, pet insurance or other more concrete useful things, check out the tabs:) What are some of your favorite topics? Is it listed here or is it something else?

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