Payback for Diabetic Dogs

by Mary Haight on July 24, 2010

October 15 2007 day 3 - Insulin pens
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It’s only taken nearly 90 years, but payback for diabetic dogs has arrived.  Treatment for diabetes got its start when scientists isolated insulin in dogs. It seems only fair then, that all the advances since that discovery are now being applied to our furry and no so furry friends (dogs, cats, cows, horses) in the form of continuous glucose monitoring.  Over a period of days, this  yields the kind of information owners need for optimal disease management.  Gets rid of those nasty frequent blood tests, too!

Medtronics makes the device that sits between the shoulder blades just beneath the skin and records information every five minutes. Diseases that can stem from obesity often have their root in carbohydrate fillers.  With this new device, vets can better see how diet is affecting the disease and get the insulin dose right.

The University of Missouri’s Charles Wiedmeyer conducted the published research and is hoping companies will design devices specifically for animals.

(Source: Science Daily )

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