Hot Dogs Get Cool Relief & More With the Cool Pet Pad

by Mary Haight on July 2, 2010

The Green Pet Shop, a virtual place with a focus on green pet products, has an exclusive product that will cool your hot dog  (or cat) fast.  The Cool Pet Pad is a gel-based rectangular pad activated when pressure is applied, and recharges itself  – no electricity needed. Ha! A little green miracle:)  It’s non-toxic, has a vinyl cover that is easy to keep clean, and is biodegradable. Our review pad came in the mail the other day and we put it to work. 

It’s been miserable Summer weather for dogs so far across a broad swathe of the US, and here in Chicago we were even cheated out of Spring, consisting as it did of hot humid days followed by hot humid stormy nights. My dog Tashi could have used the Cool Pet Pad when we were desperately trying to spend some time outside last week.  About 40 minutes into what was not really a pleasant exercise in trying to relax, he looked at me, hopped off the footstool, and stood looking at the front door, then at me, then…enough said!

I first used the pad myself to check out just how cold it got to be sure Tashi could tolerate it. I was very pleasantly surprised that it was cool enough for a fast change in body temperature. I placed it on a sofa pillow and put my head down. Lovely!

It was cool longer than an hour under the pressure of my head, and was still a markedly lower temperature than the part of my back that was not in contact with the Cool Pet Pad. I then moved it under my legs where it worked for another hour, but while it was cooler, it was not as cold as when I started. I shook it out and let it sit for 15 minutes and it was like new again!

The price point is affordable, ranging from $19.99 to 79.99 with four different sizes available. The only drawback may be the characteristic smell of vinyl, although Tashi didn’t seem to notice. There are a host of added uses listed on the site. Company President, Larry Wright says  “There is nothing like this that exists for helping pets stay cool…or for providing chilled therapy for joint pain and aches when older, tired or injured.”

Photo Credit: Tashi was obviously enjoying the Cool Pet Pad, but he said he was tired of smiling for the camera and just wanted to sleep. Can’t blame him, 6am photo shoots are a bear! 

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