Abused Dogs Get a Break: There’s a “New Sheriff” in Town

by Mary Haight on July 10, 2010

Remus and Brutus got a reprieve.  In what’s been described as a groundbreaking decision, the two dogs who were held as abuse victims of a dogfighting bust are off to their new home in a New York sanctuary thanks to something new this year: The Court Case ProgramBest Friends and Safe Humane Chicago devised and head the program with the collaboration of D.A.W.G. Court Advocacy and Chicago’s Animal Care and Control.  Dogs had been held as evidence for as long as two years and destroyed when a guilty verdict was reached. Today dog candidates evaluated as having the right stuff to be family pets or who would be otherwise manageable in a sanctuary setting are socialized and trained for success.

For 19 months Remus and Brutus have been in limbo after the November 2008 arrest.  Judge Victoria Stewart put the three men arrested on probation for 24 months with anger management/sensitivity to animals training, and no contact with dogs during probation.  Each of the three convicted were ordered to pay $3,612 for the rehabilitation of the dogs, and, as I understand it, defray costs of care over a lifetime, plus $3,000 each for the care of the dogs over the past 19 months. This is a precedent-setting ruling for Illinois law that will help these victimized dogs get the care they deserve. 

There is a range of behavior that passes the evaluation bar.  Not only those who are considered adoptable are saved, but those that may not do well within the confines of home life also get a chance. That’s big. Remus and Brutus were transported thanks to Best Friends and will be spending their days at the Spirit Animal Sanctuary.

Sanctuaries are self-supporting organizations and because of that usually house less than 100 animals.  Are there sanctuaries in your area or any you have ever dealt with? What can you share about them?

What’s happening in your area to help evidence dogs get a new life? Got a story you’d like to share?

 (Source and Brutus’s Photo: Best Friends )

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