Interview with Puppy Mill Poodles, Chicago

by Mary Haight on May 1, 2010

When I walked into the pre-op room, the large clean steel cages had two, three, and sometimes4567903217_ef0120b17f[2] four puppy mill poodles and poodle crosses inside, all ready and waiting for their medical procedures. What was unexpected, almost shocking, was the silence. 

The puppy mill dogs checked me out, some coming close to the bars, curious, maybe wondering if I was the bearer of the breakfast they had missed. Then, when only a camera lens and a cooing voice was offered, many got back to the bustling but unheard communication of the pack.  Males would protect their females, the fearful dogs shaking and sometimes hiding and being hidden by a small male dog, the silence broken with an occasional warning bark, putting me on notice that I was not to touch the frightened one.

I had just finished talking to Dr. Robyn Barbiers, President of  The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago about the 80 puppy mill poodles that had arrived a few days ago from the HSUS Tennessee confiscation of 200 dogs. I was happy to get the update and share it with you in the two short videos here.

There has been some controversy.  It had been reported that the City’s head of the Animal Care and Control had questioned the need to bring dogs in from outside the city when there were already many dogs in need of adoption.  Dogs are shifted as a matter of course from one State to another based on demand, saving thousands of lives in the process. Best Friends of Utah does this kind of work, as do many other shelters. I believe Animal Care and Control just recently transferred a number of animals to Wisconsin, so I’m not sure why they would be questioning a practice they employ and benefit from. It is odd that a City agency would be criticizing a private agency at all, let alone for helping to solve a problem created by an emergency situation.  Call me puzzled. 

Here’s the update on the status of the puppy mill poodles, and how you can find out when they will be ready for adoption:  


 Please tune into Steve Dale’s show today at 2:00 CST on WLS-AM890 and listen to the conversation with Dr. Barbiers, and check the Anti Cruelty website for updates on the dogs

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