Pet News Review Weekend Edition

by Mary Haight on May 8, 2010

Pet news from Reuters this past week lifted eyebrows on the Street as Procter & Gamble surprised many with the purchase of Natura brand pet food.  They were the company that years ago bought Iams/Eukanuba and put it onto supermarket shelves. Ever since, the market has waited for them to shed the sector. Instead, P&G closes this deal early next month and with that will have a stake in the high end holistic pet food niche. Brands include Evo, Innova, California Natural, Karma, Healthwise and Mother Nature.

Today is the 14th annual day of protest against P&G for its unrelenting animal testing practices, in effect since 1989.  Their Dawn dish soap product is used to clean oil-coated wildlife after disasters like the recent oil well breach on the Gulf of Mexico’s ocean floor, an odd confluence of P&G events!  The story by Stephanie Feldstein is here.

Speaking of oil, there was an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal  about hair mats, not the kind in your hair when you wake up in the morning, but the kind that look like you might wipe your feet on them. They are made of pet hair and other materials and are used to soak up oil spills – yes, you read that right. Check out the video – the demonstration is pretty amazing. It’ll make you want to ask your groomer to ship off all her hair clippings! 

There’s a lot of news about dog food this week in the form of  bringing to the forefront arguments as in the article here “The Fight Over Pet Food vs Pet Food Safety “about the different choices of diet, what’s in pet food and what shouldn’t be included. Edie Jarolim takes a look at kibble in her The Friday Five: In Defense of Kibble  exploring the alternatives from the boutique type diets to the supermarket. Her blog is “a guilt-free zone for good dog owners”, so check it out with fear of pain and recrimination! Jim McBean at has some fun poking at the FDA and their recent sprint away from responsible research in the blanket summary dismissal of feeding bones to your dog in “FDAs Top Ten Scary Reasons Bones Are Unsafe for Dogs”  And Peggy Frezon a  free lance writer over at Peggy’s Pet Place started the week with a “Welcome to Dog Food Month” where she will feature guest posts on this topic for the entire month.

 The other day I was driving home and saw no less than five dogs in a two block trip, all of whom were walking their people!  If this sounds familiar, here’s a great tutorial on 7 Ways to Improve Walking your Dog on Leash from Eric Goebelbecker, CPDT trainer and owner of Dog Spelled Forward training school. Take a look around for more useful training videos and articles.

The contest is over for heavenly Benevolent Biscuits, the only dog biscuit I know of that is hand baked by Monks.  Congratulations to the winners (prizes will be sent from the Abbey via UPS on Monday.) Stay tuned, there are more contests coming up!

Enjoy your weekend!

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