Pet News Review: Weekend Edition

by Mary Haight on May 22, 2010

There was a great live blogging session going on this afternoon at Pet Connection’s blog, on the occasion of Marion Nestle and Mal Nesheim’s reading of their new book “Feed Your Pet Right”, with Christie Keith reporting.  You can check the twitter hashtag #feedyourpet, too.  From Keith’s report, when Nestle and Nesheim signed the contract for the book in 2007, the historic pet food recall followed. “They had no idea one company in Canada was making 70+ brands of pet food.” They never would have thought of the different lines of research that recall would open to them, or the perilous lack of food safety that inquiry would reveal for both humans and pets. Good stuff!

And speaking of pet food, K9 Cuisine has a new pet food rating tool that painlessly educates as it takes you through analysis of your ingredients list. It provides a grade at the end with a summary that will make it clear why your pet food received the grade it did.  Useful:)

Leslie Fisher, blogging pal and CPDT-KA sent in the news that Center Pet Pharmacy out of Washington DC has stepped up to help Matter of Trust, the non-profit collecting pet hair to make booms to help stop the spread of the Gulf oil spill. They remind you that hair should be clean, and if you’re donating dreadlocks (who knew?) they should be put in a separate bag for treatment. All other hair should be devoid of sharp objects. Clean nylons, even those with runs, are also needed.  Thanks, Leslie!

Note: If you’ve been shipping direct to Matter of Trust, please read their site notice – shipments are being diverted to the Gulf area so check the new procedures.

Edie Jarolim has Tuesdays set aside to showcase the positive dog training helping Frankie (yes, the star of Jarolim’s book Am I Boring My Dog? and cutie pie poster dog for her blog “Will My Dog Hate Me?”) lessen his fear of the traffic and noise of life that persists on the other side of their front door.  There’s a great video report that captures Frankie in his misery, but also overcoming some of his trepidation. The trainer’s remarks at the end of the lesson will make you laugh!

Rod and Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly posed a good question: What makes a city dog-friendly? Everyone says they are dog-friendly, yet the criteria seems to be something towns, hamlets and burgs can make up on the fly.  This in the wake of the 2010 list on the top ten dog-friendly cities in the US  from Dog Go Pet Friendly also have some great up close and personal reports from current travels that should make you smile.

And from the “what’s in a name” file, Rebecca Quimby of Paw Nation reports that African Wild Dogs are getting a PR makeover and a new name thanks to Gregory Rasmussen and his new Painted Dog Conservation organization in Zimbabwe dedicated to saving this endangered species. The dogs, as cute as they are, are fast, skilled hunters of wild game, but not the raiders of local’s farm animals people think they are.

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