Pet News Review Weekend Edition

by Mary Haight on May 16, 2010

Annabella and Chucho at play
Image by Steve Guttman NYC via Flickr

Veterinarian Lorie Huston wrote an article at on Open Paw, an organization helping shelters with a program to keep pets adoptable, and helping people manage the before and after of bringing a new pet into their homes.  While some shelters have training and mental health programs, many more do not. Kelly Gorman Dunbar, a co-founder of the organization, set the scene that Open Paw is creating for shelters on her recent guest spot on “DogTalk”:  Imagine walking into a shelter with no frantically barking dogs, where they all come to the front of their kennels to greet the public with tails wagging…well, that alone would ease the work of matching people with pets! Check out Huston’s article for more.   

Kudos to John Woestendiek over at OhMiDog! for catching this darkly hilarious story of the week about a “cranky” Dane who exacted his own form of justice when a woman left her dog’s poop on his lawn. All I can say is, given this guy’s age, he must have been really barking mad! 

There are many stories covered on the OhMiDog site, but it’s best known for its support of pit bulls. Here’s another click-worthy story about how Boston is handling it’s breed specific legislation. So far they have fined people to the tune of $140,000.  Many recipients of the fines will not pay. (Other cities are reporting the same.) 1000 dogs have been turned into Animal Control. Another mess with pit bulls paying the ultimate price. Let’s be clear, it’s tough enough to adopt pit bulls thanks to media myths, but 1000 additional dogs in a short timeframe?  With added costs of insurance, people barely hanging in there as it is, and a week or so for shelters to come and get them before D-day? Sure, *eyeroll*, that’ll work…

Jim McBean had an important piece on Salmon poisoning in dogs late in April on his site that is worth repeating for those who may have missed it. The symptoms are similar to that of distemper.

Leslie Fisher, Certified Pet Dog Trainer-KA, has a post on a problem many dog owners unwittingly create – racing up and down the fenceline barking like a loon at the neighbor’s dog.  She mentioned that some dog owner’s think this is good exercise for their dogs and do nothing to discourage the behavior.  If this is you, quick, click and read–save yourself the fees it will take to train this bad behavior out of your dog. It will stop you from taking that short cut to having an aggressive dog.

Karen Friesecke at covered the Ontario SPCA’s ringworm outbreak affecting more than 300 animals and some personnel.  What made this story so newsworthy was the insanity of the organization’s response to the outbreak. They planned to euthanize all the animals. For ringworm?!  And you really won’t believe the punchline here – take a look.

And I’ll leave you with a funny video.  Have a great Sunday!!

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