Contest Results: Dog Cookies Baked by Monks

by Mary Haight on May 3, 2010

Thanks to all the contest entrants for taking the time to say something nice about their dogs3619650829_33e1c8d0a8_msm2mks and why they deserved  a little bit of heaven in the here and now from Benevolent Biscuits! And thanks to Sarah Caniglia and Cindy Griffith, the women who run the business interests for the Cistercian Monks at Sparta, WI, for contributing these great prizes!  There were many excellent entries, but only room for first and second place winners, so drumroll please…

1st Place: B L Borovay from CA whose entry was creative, takes home the basket of delightful goodies with this ditty: 

My sweet dog is full of mirth,
And never stole a brisket.
She deserves a heavenly treat on earth,
How about your delightful biscuit?

2nd Place: K A Thuet from Mo.  This dog has a giving spirit:

Kouga deserves treats because he’s been raising money for charities. We’ve attended Apa’s walk, Spring for Strays, Bark in the Park, & Lukemia Society fundraisers.

I will contact you both via email to confirm the addresses you included, and your prizes will be shipped direct from the Abbey.

And there are some honorable mentions that should not go unpublished, so for your further edification:

Edie Jarolim, author, KVOA Pet Travel Correspondent, and companion to her dog Frankie submitted this:  My friend Rebecca’s dog, Charles, deserves a nibble of heaven because he spent a night in hell, harassed by my dog, Frankie. Mea culpa.

I know she’s right, I’ve seen the evidence (there were pictures!) 

And last but not least, Shawn Finch, DVM, writer at and Riley&James and a guest writer here, disqualified herself, but what she sent was shareworthy especially for figuring out your odds :)  

Every dog deserves to win.  Assuming everyone enters the contest (1) (Why wouldn’t they??) the chance one of mine (2) will win is 0.00000774% (3).  Here’s hoping. (4)

(1)  There are approximately 77.5 million owned dogs in the United States, Humane Society of the United States, December 2009

(2)  Three of those dogs are mine.

(3)  (3 dogs/77,500,000 dogs) X 2 possible prizes X 100 = 0.00000774%

(4)  I’ll probably be disqualified right off the bat by cheating the 25 word rule with footnotes.

 We’ll be having more contests coming up, so keep your eyes open=)


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  1. […] The contest is over for heavenly Benevolent Biscuits, the only dog biscuit I know of that is hand baked by Monks.  Congratulations to the winners (prizes will be sent from the Abbey via UPS on Monday.) Stay tuned, there are more contests coming up! […]

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