Dental Health for Pets: New Product Review

by Mary Haight on April 27, 2010


Dental Health for Pets

Dental Health for Pets

If you’re tired of fighting your dog or cat to brush her teeth, or if you have not tried brushing your pet’s teeth because you haven’t got around to doing that, here’s Tropiclean’s Clean Teeth Gel kit that promises dental health for pets, ease of use, and claims that 93% of users report cleaner teeth before two weeks.  That’s pretty bold talk!

 Tropiclean, has been known for the past twenty years as a company that manufactures many pet shampoos for different uses here in the US. Now they have branched out to pet dental health products and this new line of plaque removal and fresh breath products seems to be a home run. They have an applicator nozzle that you can put in your dog’s mouth to apply a small drop on both canines and then on the very back molars on each side. I just tried it on my dog Tashi.

This will work for people with dogs who are accustomed to having their mouths fiddled with. Tashi is a Shih Tzu, to give you an idea of size, and while I could have put the nozzle in his mouth to reach the back teeth, that would have meant I could not see to control the flow amount. His cheek covers his back teeth and requires that I use my fingers on one hand to spread that side of his mouth to reveal the back teeth, leaving the other hand holding the bottle of gel. Then, of course, he squirms and moves, wondering what the heck I’m doing.  

I chose to apply the drop to my finger, and he just licked and basically tasted what I put back there, grabbed his nylabone and started chewing. No worse the wear for my rude interruption!  Also included in the package is the water additive with green tea leaf extract and aloe vera leaf juice, among other ingredients, that can be given daily for fresh breath.

If I get anything like the results on Tashi’s molars – his other teeth are all white – that we see in the photos below (sent to the company by Julie’s K9 Cuts of her groomer’s results after two weeks), that will be impressive.  Of course I’ll have the vet check for calculus and probe under the gum for potential leftover plaque, but if we can avoid the worry of putting our pets under anesthesia, I’ll be kicking up my heels – maybe dental health for pets just got a lot easier!

Update: From Joe Zuccarello, National Accounts Sales Manager in response to product questions. “Thank you for your interest in our Tropiclean Fresh Breath Products.  Please understand the natural cleanser used in our products is a proprietary product that we simply cannot divulge.  However, as you will see, we do take the lead in listing a myriad of other ingredients on the label that will inform the pet owner of the natural recipe we use when manufacturing the product and our intent to provide an easy to use, safe, and effective product to help them fight their pet’s potential periodontal disease and bad breath.[Purified Water, Grain Alcohol, Natural Mint, Glycerin, Natural Cleanser, AloeVera Leaf Juice, Carbopol, Chlorophyllin, Green Tea Leaf Extract]
We have many Veterinarians all across the country using the products, some even purchasing the product to use as a “go home” value added inclusion with Dental Cleanings they provide at their Animal Hospitals.  We are excited to stand side by side with Veterinarians to promote proper oral hygiene which will result in healthier pets that live longer.  Since pets are viewed as members of the family, we want them to be around for as long as we possibly can. I hope this information helps.” 

I spoke with Joe to follow up on why ingredients are not listed on the website, and it is as most of us have experienced, an industry wide practice.  No one wants to make it easy for the competition to compete! And thanks to @RustyDogPetPro for the question about ingredients:)

If you’ve tried this product, give me a shout. I’d love to hear about how your dog reacted, and the results you got .


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