200 Dogs Rescued from Tennessee Puppy Mill

by Mary Haight on April 25, 2010

Photo credit: Kathy Milani/The HSUS

Photo credit: Kathy Milani/The HSUS

Gayla’s Poodle Palace in Sparta TN was less palace, more hovel as the seat of an internet and newspaper puppy mill fraud on the public. White County Sheriff’s Department called in HSUS to lead the rescue work .  More than 200 dogs were rescued from a small home originally reported by concerned neighbors to be living in unsanitary conditions and in need of medical care.

United Animal Nations and the White County Humane Society are working with HSUS to set up the emergency and temporary shelter where the vet exams and treatment will be given.  HSUS will care for the animals until they are transferred to partner shelters.


This is great work and we all love that the dogs are getting cleaned up and provided the medical help they need, en route to being transferred to local shelters for eventual adoption. There is something HSUS could do this time that they have not in previous busts: Help promote the shelters who take the dogs, name them on their site, and mention them in their TV ads – HSUS can always refer people to their website where they name the vital partners involved. That would be the transparency and leadership that would make a fundamental difference, especially to the shelters working the problem. The fundraising part of HSUS operations is where most criticism of the organization originates. This was one of my New Year’s wishes that I had not had a chance to publish.

Thirteen States have passed laws to try to crack down on the puppy mills according to HSUS. Please don’t buy your pets at pet shops. This just perpetuates the business of creating factory puppies and kitties. Supply and demand is all they understand.

(Source: Unleashed Baltimore Sun Blog)

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