Raw Food Dog Treats, Stella & Chewy’s Product Review

by Mary Haight on March 4, 2010

Feeding raw food to my dog has been limited to vegetables and fruit.  I’ve always been reticent and4397448206_e52aacc2e0_m[1]DancingDogBlog somewhat squeamish about raw food, even dog treats, given the perceived dangers.  I had written briefly about Stella & Chewy’s brand when the proprietor of a neighborhood store gave me the lowdown on how Stella & Chewy’s lead the raw food industry in safety.  They have a lot number on each package that you can call in to check that the product has remained cleared for safety.

Recently Stella & Chewy’s added a new flavor to their dehydrated line of freeze-dried raw food dog treats, and my dog got a taste of the Wild Alaskan Salmon Carnivore Kisses.  Since I left the now sealed dog treats on the coffee table, and he watches where all his things go, he stood by the table and sniffed and when I said “what?” he barked for more!  This was a strong favorable reaction – my dog doesn’t bark much or sniff around the table as a matter of course.  Salmon is one of his favorite things, and now it’s Stella & Chewy’s dog treats of Wild Alaskan Salmon that’s his target.

Stella & Chewy’s is the first line of raw food and dog treats that is Certified Pathogen Safe, so that takes a lot of worry out of the whole idea of feeding your dog a raw diet. They are very lightweight dog treats, like foam packing peanuts, and dry, but once your dog bites into one you can see it melt. It doesn’t take a lot of work for your dog to eat it, and it doesn’t seem to stick anywhere in his mouth.  You can check their website for more.  It’s not an inexpensive choice, however. Treats start at $10.99.

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