Pit Bulls and BSL, Elgin Votes Tonight

by Mary Haight on March 10, 2010

Pit Bulls are the topic and Elgin’s town council votes tonight.  Tomorrow it could be your pit bull, german shepherd, doberman, or any dog those in power decide could be dangerous.  Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is a pox that is running through the fabric of cities and suburbs across the nation (and in other forms internationally).  It has not served its purpose anywhere, not even in Denver which has had this medieval law on the books for decades to no effect – except to kill innocent dogs, dragging them from their homes leaving families broken-hearted.  And no, these were not dogs that attacked anyone or had any bite record. 

This article from the Daily Herald was brought to my attention by twitter pal @doggysmama, a resident of Elgin, who suggested a much bigger problem: Elgin can’t seem to deal with the “gangs of illegals” that have moved in to that city and are targeting the dogs is an attempt to quiet angry residents. Conjecture? Maybe. Maybe not. 

The inequity is as clear as the onerous requirements laid at the feet of any person who owns a pit bull “type” dog. Whatever that is supposed to mean.  No insurance company will insure a “dangerous dog” once it has been labeled as such, unless of course it’s an impossibly high premium to meet with a long list of restrictions on where and how the dog must be handled outside your four walls.

The other point I have to mention is the fact that, according to Steve Dale’s article linked at the beginning of this post, there’s someone visiting from Denver advising the town council on his experience in handling objections to this BSL travesty.  There was a lawyer in that Denver panel who was actively soliciting cities and towns proclaiming that he could show them how to jam this through and get the law established.  For a price, no doubt. And above the objections of the citizens.  Isn’t that quite the recommendation?  If anyone knows the Denver advisor’s name, please give me a shout?

Dale has a series of posts on Elgin and their BSL efforts against pit bulls–all great, factual and with other expert’s input if you’d like to gather some facts for your files…just in case your town is next.

How about you? Do you have any stories to relate on this issue?

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selwyn marock
selwyn marock

The Lawyer to whom you refer,is also a self-proclaimed War-Hero probably goes by the handle Kory Nelson. I do beleive the most DANGEROUS individual from Denver is undoubtably is Mayor Hinklehoper who is making inroads into becoming Governor of Colorada then G-D HELP THE FAMILY -PETS.. If the one you refer lawyer is K.Nelson he is probably will try and work anonymously as he works for the Denver Council and is paid by them and there have been complaints that he has no business spreading his HATE campaigns out of Denver. smarock10@yahoo.com


One (hoped-for possibility). The people with pit bulls may be more likely to show up at the meeting to support the breed than people who are only tangentially, if at all, affected by BSL and don't feel like leaving their home. Let us know the outcome.

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