Dog Bones – FDA Reviews “Real Ham Bone”

by Mary Haight on March 13, 2010

Real Ham Bone dog bones by Dynamic Pet Products is under FDA review for consumer complaintsreal-ham-bone that it has caused serious illness and even a death. Made by Frick’s Quality Meats of Washington, Missouri, the dog bone is a smoked pig femur that is distributed throughout the US.

Consumer Affairs website has a list of complaints from people whose dogs have been affected by this product.  The company can’t be in the dark about this, as there are reports of problems dating back to 2008 there.  Statistically speaking, there are always a given number of incidents to be expected, which is why you should always supervise your dog when you give them bones (or chew toys), but I think triggering an FDA review warrants notification.

There are claims on the consumer affairs’ site that the company’s insurance refuses to pay for surgical procedures ranging roughly from $3500 to $14,000.  The insurance company informed at least one of the dog owners that it was their own fault for buying the dog bones in the first place. Caveat emptor as far as they are concerned. Good to know! And yes, we all know the insurance company’s client is who they serve, but really– someone’s dog dies, they have a $14K surgical bill, and this is the flippant response?

According to Jill Rosen at the Baltimore Sun, the Better Business Bureau of St Louis has been taking complaints since Thursday:

“concerns arose after the bones splintered, then ulcerated or obstructed the dogs’ intestines. Consumers reported their dogs had become lethargic or were vomiting. One man came home to find his dog dead, bleeding from the mouth.”

No official notification has yet been made by the FDA.

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