You and Your Dog: Partners in Life

by Mary Haight on February 7, 2010

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It’s time for the weekend edition and there’s some useful and interesting  conversations going on in the blog world for you and your dog on different aspects of the bond we share and the life partnership that results, including a contest!  These are my picks for the week.  If you have some faves I missed, let me know.

There’s a great post over at Edie Jarolim’s blog, Will My Dog Hate Me?, asking to what degree do we accept our dog’s personalities and where’s the line on trying to change the dog’s behavior versus letting the dog be who he is? She collaborated with Debbie Jacobs, who writes and speaks on the subject of  working with fearful dogs.

At Dog Lover’s Digest, Kevin Meyers has a letter to humans from a dog looking at behavior and human frustrations. It’s a great reminder that behavior just is; it’s neither good nor bad, but needs to be directed or redirected. So the next time you just say “no” to your dog and you don’t get the reaction you expect, you’ve got Kevin’s post to refer to!  Via Jim McBean at Doggybytes with thanks. 

I heard about this particular blogpost by Katalin Kerekes at Special Paws via twitterpals Mary @turtlelady81 and Hilary @fangshuicanines which  takes a look at the question what is “trained” and what should it mean to honor the bond between you and your dog.

And for a different spin on behavior, this contest and last entry from the Susquehanna Service Dogs organization who breed, raise, and train dogs for people with autism, physical and psychological disabilities, for the mililtary, and more. The contest: Answer the question”How has a dog changed your life?” in less than 500 words, they are looking for all stories, not just service dog stories. The prize? $1000. Contest closes March 1, 2010. Here’s the link to enter

Happy reading (and maybe some writing)!

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