Valentine’s Day: Global Poll Asks Pets Or People?

by Mary Haight on February 12, 2010

Your pet or your partner? That was the upshot of the question asked of 24,000 peopleIMG02069LakeShore Shelter Dogs in 23 countries.  One-fifth of them prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pets!

What may (or may not) correlate to the shaky state of human relationships today is shown to be at its worst in Turkey, where 49% of those participating chose their pets over their partner. France is still at the top of the romance heap, with only 10% preferring their pets. What’s the basis for this?

The Reuters/Ipsos global poll showed that the younger and more economically disadvantaged were more likely to choose a pet; the choice had less to do with country than demographics. That said, with Turkey at the bottom, next came India, weighing in with 41%, Japan at 30%, China 29%, US 27%.

Senior vice president of Ipsos John Wright said 25 percent of people aged under 35 opted for their pet compared to 18 percent of those aged 35-54 and 14 percent of people aged 55 plus.  

Apparently those happiest in the company of humans, at least on Valentine’s Day, and showing the lowest percentage of people choosing pets were:  France at 10%, Mexico at 11%, Netherlands and Hungary both at 12% of population surveyed choosing pets over people.

(story first seen at John Woestendiek’s Ohmidog! blog.)


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