RedMoon Pet Food Fresh, Custom Made & Delivered

by Mary Haight on February 5, 2010

frankie_ike[1]How would you feel about designing your own pet food and having it delivered to your door? Sounds scary, but don’t worry that you don’t know enough about nutrition to get it right—that’s all taken care of by Red Moon Pet Food Fresh.  They use a nutritionally balanced base and add, in appropriate proportion, specific mixes that fit your dog’s requirements according to the information you supply, by breed, age, gender, size, and energy need.  There are also specific supplements targeting immune system, hip and joint, and skin and coat needs. This system gives you the flexibility to change your dog’s formula as health conditions change.  And it gets delivered three to five days. 

I spoke to Red Moon’s President, Jason Bailey, from his Alberta office this afternoon.  Bailey designed this unique online business concept as a concerned industry insider “to put some control back in the hands of consumers.” Bailey said, 

“the customer can now get involved with their pet’s nutrition and gain a better understanding of quality products, like the low ash chicken meal we use. [note that low ash is an indicator of quality meal, having to do with the proportion of bone to muscle meat used] We’d rather spend the extra money on these premium ingredients. Because we don’t use traditional distribution channels, we can save the customer the extra $30 it would cost if we did.”

RedMoon’s production facilities are in Alberta and Minnesota, the latter is USDA organic certified.  They use regionally sourced antibiotic and hormone-free meats, whole raw fruits and vegetables, and slow cook them in small batches to preserves nutrients otherwise lost in high heat commercial cooking methods.  RedMoon products are gluten, grain, soy, wheat, rice and corn-free so allergic reactions are not a concern.

Bailey noted “This is custom nutrition delivered. Even our supplements are in doses high enough to get results.  People can name their own blend after their dog or cat and we will personalize the bag. Soon, you’ll be able to have your pet’s picture on the bag too!”

Prices range from $17.99 to $89.99 which includes shipping and one free supplement. There is a 110% money back satisfaction guarantee, and you can read more here RedMoon Pet Food .

Tashi can’t tolerate kibble at all so I have no taste testers. If you’ve tried this product yet, I’d really like to hear your review!

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This list was sent by Sara, a twitter pal who goes by @ersle, on animal rescue fakes on the internet designed to take money from unsuspecting donors. For your bookmarks and word file.


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