Landscaping Ideas Your Dog Will Love

by Mary Haight on February 8, 2010

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Spring is almost here. No…really. (I know I’m repeating myself, but maybe if I keep saying it, it will stop feeling like I’m stuck in “Groundhog Day.”) With all the snow blanketing a large swath of the US, what better time to sit down and plan what’s going to make your yard the family’s favorite place this season?  What kind of  pet-scaping  suits your dog and your family’s outdoor style?
Starting early can save money, giving you the time needed to plan a scheduled do-it-yourself assault on all the things you don’t like about your garden: The dog’s digging that makes your yard look like a  manic woodchuck  with  memory loss kept digging up new back doors for his den; the flower beds you’ve been meaning to raise up and out of Monty’s parading area–how many times can delphinium be trodden on before they don’t spring back (it’s a trick question)? Maybe you could fence off an area where that digging behavior could be contained and indulged with gusto and no reprimands? Everybody’s happy! (See, this is fun:)
As long as we have a little time, what about that grass? Do you have a lot of  “beaten path” wear from paws, urine stains, and bare patches?  What grass seeds are you planting this year?  We used rye and bluegrass at the house  which is hardy and works in this climate.  A herd of deer would  camp out in the yard each year, giving birth to their young.  Still, the grass did well (don’t ask about the rhododendron…or the trees lining the driveway).  Check out the pet-safe fertilizers while you’re at the home and garden shop.
Award winning Pet Writer Eve Adamson had an article in Dog Fancy a couple of years ago, and fancy it was, with very expensive dog houses and beautifully pet-and-landscaped gardens. There’s a lot of useful information in the article, despite the focus on pricey items.  Have a look and make a plan.  Spend the snowy days that remain on the calendar getting ready to enjoy outdoor living with the whole family.  If you’re not the type that plans, then you might want to watch for the new book by President and Designer of The Green Scene Landscape in LA  Scott Cohen on Petscaping out this Spring.
Gina Spadafori and the Pet Connection Team have a blog on how “dogs and lush gardens are not mutually exclusive.” Another place for good ideas!
What do you do with your backyard to make it fun for the whole family?
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