Pet Products Review: Readers Special Discount!

by Mary Haight on February 19, 2010

There are  some fairly poorly constructed harnesses out there…you know what I’m talking about. They look good on the rack, and when you get home and put them on your dog, gaps are everywhere, rendering the harness as a source of rubbing, chafing your dog as he tries to enjoy his walk.  You either go to the trouble of taking it back or have your shoe repair guy fit it to the dog. Either way, not a happy solution. Even with repair, the center of the top of the harness can be lost and the D-ring you snap the leash to now pulls more on one side.

The people at EZYDog have produced the “Chest Plate Harness” that takes bad fit out of theharnessweb1 equation.  The chest plate is made of EVA, a form-fitting rubber, that molds to dogs’ conformation for a custom fit. This chest plate distributes the weight load of the dog over the length and width of the dog which reduces the harness shifting that chafes.   Reflective stitching is used for night time safety.  EZYDog’s swiveling seat belt restraint is included (and is also sold separately at $7US) The welded D-ring is made of stainless steel for strength and rust proof performance.  Animal Wellness Magazine has given this harness its seal of approval.  In blue, red, black, and chocolate, the price range, depending on sizing,  is $20-24. Made of nylon.restraint

Here’s a close up photo of the seatbelt that comes with the harness. It’s designed to keep your dog in one place on the seat and is made of the same materials as your seat belt.

EZYDog also has a line of shock absorbing leashes with varying  stretch capabilities for those dogs who are not so well trained, er, the free spirits out there.  Save years of shoulder pain that results from being yanked down the road, nearly off your feet, when Butch decides he’s gotta have that squirrel, cat, leaf, or just feels like running…no reason!  I feel your pain, and so share these leashes with you.  They have been endorsed by vets, trainers, and insurance companies for use with the most aggressive pullers.

The Cujo is a 25 inch leash with 6 inches of built in stretch to absorb the forward lunge of your dog.  For medium to large pullers, this should help you better enjoy walks with your dog.  This also comes in a 40 inch leash with 12CujoSm inches of stretch for comfort with a small dog that pulls all the time, or medium and large dogs that do not pull.  There are extensions for length and for walking two dogs at once.  Available in many colors, the price ranges from $24 – 34.

As a special offer, EzyDog offers readers a discount of 10 %. Simply input “Matrix10” on the company’s web site.

Hope you find this useful!

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