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by Mary Haight on February 1, 2010

Tiring out the dogs
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While the market says the pet industry is doing well and will continue to do so this year, there are also incidents like the cancellation of the Luxury Pet Pavilion scheduled for March 12 and 13 in Los Angeles with no reason offered that appear to be a nod to not pushing your luck.  Given our economic “one foot in the water, one in the sand” perspective, what’s the pet product market doing to keep up with niche market demands?

People want products that go with their personal lifestyles and even their philosophical sensibilities. With Yep Yup and other design companies that focus on the whole lifestyle of you and your furry family beds, your sofa pillows, collars and leashes too, our interior lives with our dogs and cats are harmonious. But what about when we go out for long walks (on the beach would be nice about now…oh, sorry…digressing) or hiking with our dogs?  Spring is fast approaching (thank you!) and we’ll be outside again. What’s new that works? What are you packing in your backpack?

The Squishy bowl started as an item that could easily be squeezed into amultiplesquishybowls hiker’s backpack, or a camper’s kit.  Josh Guyot, CEO, designer and owner of Guyot Designs in Deer Isle, Maine, used flexible silicone and the bowl fits active people’s lifestyles. Then came the line for dogs, too, from the new 12oz  to 48oz capacity. Prices start at $10.95 (BPA and polycarbonate free).

Aqua Pure Breed Mountain, Natural, and Mineral Enhanced dog waters available for “on-the-go canines” can be purchased retail or delivered (Ed. Sorry, seems the economy or something else got them 2013).  They have several formulas: Bone & Joint Support; Healthy Skin & Coat; Pure Premium Spring Water Pink with natural spring water, and Blue with more Magnesium for, as the maker states, “maintaining nerve function and combating heart disease.”

This is a portable disposable water “bottle”, which is really shaped like a jar that holds 8 ounces. There are some questions, but I’ll go for two here.  Shallow jars are not ideal for other than small dogs in terms of spill over from actively lapping tongues.  Was the target market only small dogs? And regarding the disposable concept, does the product have an eco-friendly component?

When I called, I got a voicemail system that did not identify the company. I’ve not had a return call.  Perhaps they are closed on Mondays.  Or there’s a nice website with the sound of the surf playing in the background that we can use to stay relaxed while we work:)

If  you’ve used the Squishy bowl, how has it worked for you? Is it easy to clean on trails?

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