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by Mary Haight on February 28, 2010

Paris Workout
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Nostalgia set in when I read a book review over at Dog Jaunt of  It’s A Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide To Four-Legged Living by Wendy Diamond.  MaryAlice Pomputius, Dog Jaunt’s owner/author,  mentioned a great pet-friendly hotel in Paris that came up in the book and put in a link to it. I had a happy trip down memory lane–I love these little getaways! 

Author Edie Jarolim at Will My Dog Hate Me has a post with several great reminders for people travelling with their pets, one of which is to make sure their microchip information is up to date with the chip company.  Check it out, and while you’re there, she’s got a new design and her book trailer video, starring her dog Frankie, is up(pun intended)–a good giggle for Sunday morning:)

If you are one of those unfortunates who forgot which company made your dog’s microchip, check your vet records.  If you only have the chip number, you can go to Check the Chip and the search program will tell you which company manufactured your chip. Then you can call to confirm that your address, phone numbers and description of the dog are correct. 

Brad Woodard, a Texas TV reporter is doing a series asking why Texas doesn’t regulate puppy mills. Something we’d all like to know for every State that isn’t regulating this problem.

And to wrap things up, something for our friends with cats!  Veterinarian Lorie Houston has an interesting article at the Pet Health Care Gazette  defining what is normal cat behavior, versus what is a cat behavior problem , and offers some feline behavior modification advice.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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