American Humane & Cesar Millan; Social Networking for Dogs

by Mary Haight on February 21, 2010

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Exciting is the word I would use. Others might say there are explosive possibilities in it. Our Chicago pet expert, syndicated Tribune columnist and radio host Steve Dale suggested,  in his capacity as a board member of American Humane, that a dog training symposium be held between Cesar Millan and American Humane, representing opposing training methods.  First of it’s kind. Wouldn’t I love to report on that! You can read about it on Steve Dale’s blog, at ChicagoNow, but do check out the heat in the comments. Are we not supposed to talk to those with differing views? Is that what we’ve come to? I think we should be less worried about conferring legitimacy and more worried about the state of animals and the public perception of what good training means. Just saying…

There’s a couple of  blogger’s working to help dogs in need, asking their readers and networks to assist if they can. Eric Goebelbecker of Dog Spelled Forward wrote a blog about Annie, an 8 year old Shepherd mix whose owner was killed in a crash.  Annie, confused, then ran away from home. She lived on the streets for a year before being caught, emaciated and not in good shape. Read the rest at the link above, well worth your time.

The second plea comes from Jim McBean over at Doggybytes who relays the problem of Shugie, a two year old in need of a TPLO, the more expensive of the ACL type surgeries.  The woman who has been calling every qualified vet  has had all kinds of slams hurtled at her from some, telling the woman that if she couldn’t afford the $5000 it cost for the surgery she shouldn’t have a dog.  Pretty rough, and imagine–just because you might have money lying around at one point in your life, doesn’t mean it’s going to be there down the road. I should think everyone would know that by now. I’d hate to see the kill rates at shelters if this were a qualifier for adoption. Woof.

Here’s a fun discovery!  There’s a business in New York that provides a dogs only getaway package to New Hampshire. Get the full story of this escape from New York of the canine kind at Rod and Amy Burkett’s Go Pet Friendly blog.

And thanks to a tweet from twitter pal (@aboutvetmed) Janet Tobiassen, DVM from, this primer on proteins in dog food from Roxanne Hawn of  K9 Cuisine’s blog  with the lowdown on “by products” often the main source of protein in commercial dog food.

Have a great Sunday!

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