American Humane in Haiti: Steve Dale Exclusive

by Mary Haight on February 3, 2010

Haiti - search and rescue
Image by IFRC via Flickr

When she stepped off the plane,  it looked like a war zone.  Tracy Reis of American Humane emergency services, and part of the ARCH Mission started by IFAW and WSPA  in Haiti, gave her exclusive interview to Steve Dale on his WLS “Steve Dale’s Pet World”radio program.

Reis gave an update on what’s happening on the ground.  The assessment process continues, while field medicine and antibiotics are being administered to sick and injured animals. Dogs, goats, pigs, chickens and a handful of cattle are everywhere.  Dale asked Reis about zoonotic disease worries, rabies in particular, and about distemper that could prove to be devastating to the population of wild, domestic, and community dogs. (Community dogs are owned by no one but fed and cared for by the neighborhood.  Food is left for them but often they are left to find their own water according to Janice Girardi of Bali BAWA  in my interview with her.) You won’t believe what happened with the rabies vaccination program that was being administered before the quake hit.

Dale asked about the state of the food problem for people, aftershocks, and where people are sleeping, touching on security issues.  (He also wondered how Anderson Cooper looks so clean and coiffed, but I think that’s just Anderson Cooper:)

Check out his excellent interview with Tracy Reis and his blog at Chicago Now.

Steve Dale is a leader in the animal welfare community in Chicago, a Certified Pet Dog and Cat Behavior consultant, writes a syndicated pet column for the Chicago Tribune, is an author, recipient of the AVMA Humane Award, and that’s just for starters. 

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