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by Mary Haight on January 21, 2010

Pearls for Dogs and People Photo: Mary HaightI made an appointment to visit what by all appearances was a unique pet boutique, Zane + Zara’s, appropriately named after the owners’ dogs. I wanted to see how business was going, especially since John and Russell opened only last May in an off the beaten path neighborhood.

I checked out the website which promised food, fashion, and fun and some beautiful dog collars, toys, beds, leads, frozen and dry foods, bowls and feeders, door mats, kitty harnesses, catnip, special shampoos to suit your dog’s needs, pearl collars, big (and little) stuffed toys, along with coats, from all weather types to fancy–the website said cashmere and silk.  Hmmm, that meant I may be looking at trouble. Spelled with a $ sign. 

I am a sucker for fabric and textiles, and that’s just the way it is:) I make noPhoto by: Mary Haight bones about it.  But also mentioned was hemp, and recycled materials for beds, so I thought I could always retreat to that area when boutique sticker shock hit me.  Except that was not necessary.  While experience has taught me that “boutique” is synonymous for “stupendously expensive”, that wasn’t the case.  At all. You should have seen the grin plastered on my face.

Not only were the handmade dog coats created by a designer and made of fabrics specially chosen by the owners, but the finish of each detail wasRaincoats Photo: mehaight worthy of Project Runway professional! The silk coats are embroidered–whoa!  And if your taste runs to the more casual, country style, knitted sweaters from South America are available in all sizes. I saw one that a Great Dane would have no trouble filling out! And there were practical rain coats in attractive colors.

Ok, ok, while the coats are my own personal faves, you might really like the convenience of a small neighborhood place that carries all your immediate needs. I was checking out all the foods available and even got some insightFood Photo: Mary Haight on what raw food makers are doing to quell customer fears about contamination: Stella and Chewy’s, one of the brands they carry, has a code on each package the customer cite when they call in to check on the inspection status of what they bought.   

Oh, I never mentioned the price of the coat I bought for Tashi (yes, of course I did!) was $58.95.  That is not inexpensive, but here’s the best part: It was on sale for half price! Now really, how could I possibly resist? Look at it–it’s a thing of beauty!Fabulous Dog Coat Photo: Mary Haight

The dog beds are all eco-friendly and made in the US. They come in custom shapes and sizes, and there are fabric and color swatches, too! You probably recognize the brands: Jax & Bones, Bessie and Barnie, and West Paw Design.

It happens that John and Russell’s new business had serendipity working for it.  The off the beaten shopping path was not even on their radar, but the space came up at just the right moment andRunning room! Photo: MEHaight they went ahead.  Turns out that the neighborhood is filled with dogs and kids!

Zane + Zara’s offer free delivery in the area, and John and Russell plan to put the internet to use soon, so you can bookmark their website.

What great deals might you be missing in the neighborhoods around your town?  Got a great local place you’d like to share?Zane waits for playmates: mehaight

(One last gratuitous photo, just because I can and he’s so cute. You can barely make out Zara on his right, behind his ear.)


One more thing…

Eric Gobelbecker, Certified Pet Dog Trainer and owner of Dog Spelled Forward training center has an instructive article on Cesar Millan’s clip of the Chihuahua from Hell. The comments turn up some interesting input from the dog’s owner, too.  Enjoy!

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