Investigative Reports: Animal Planet, Dog Fighting

by Mary Haight on January 25, 2010

Animal Planet (Canada)
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Tonight at 10pm EST tune in to the first of a series of special reports on the culture of dogfighting with what is described as “…the true and uncensored reality behind dog fighting, we intend to raise public awareness about this cruel and inhumane practice,” according to Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager at Animal Planet.

Animal Planet Investigates: Dog Fighting Exposed” has exclusive  footage of this travesty with commentary from former dog fighters and law enforcement.  It’s  hard to watch this, I know. You’re talking to somebody who had to watch “Death on a Factory Farm” in installments!  But the act of witnessing is vital to change. Once you see, it is hard to just look the other way.  A woman dog fighter(yep, you heard me right) gives her take on the mindset of the culture.

Hat tip to our friend John Woestendiek at Ohmidog! where you can read on.

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My reply to you has disappeared during the process of trying to remove a duplicate copy. Sorry Rod. But I had noted that I wrote a post about HSUS's anti-dogfighting program and Best Friend's Safe Humane Chicago program that deals at the community level and in non-traditional partnerships with schools, churches and other community leaders to quell violence and teach kindness. You have to get in touch with the lead agencies in your town to see what's happening. Cross reporting is a great tool in place in Chicago where police called out to stop violence in the home then call Animal Care and Control to remove the animals from harm. Court advocate volunteers attend all court cases on cruelty to show the judge that the community is watching what judgements are made.This is a real law enforcement, community, and individual partnership effort. HSUS has a $5000 reward for any tips that lead to the arrest of dogfighters. And you can ask the desk sergeant to list you as "anonymous", so there's no retribution. There was more but I'll stop here. Nice to see you here!


I'll be curious to see how the context is handled. One of the reasons sometimes cited for the prevalence of dogfighting in the black community is that it's part of the culture. Chris Rock said on the Jay Leno show, "What the hell did Michael Vick do, man? A dog, a pit bull ain't even a real dog. A pit bull, that's the white stuff..." I'm happy to say that, as a result, Rock lost a film role that he was considered a shoe-in for. Richard Pryor's animal loving widow banned Rock from portraying the late comedy icon on the big screen.


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