O Christmas Treat, O Christmas Treat!

by Mary Haight on December 21, 2009

It’s cookie baking time–and with a fury known only to those of us who refuse toxmas_bag-med bake a week ahead.  After tearing through three cookbooks and some old “Gourmet” magazines, I’ve finally settled on what feels like a good Christmas selection. And while I have some dog cookie Christmas treat recipes, I probably won’t get to those until after the holidays.  What?! What kind of heresy is this, you ask?

Before you judge too harshly, let me share.  Thanks to a lot of experience with finding specialty items for Lake Shore Animal Shelter’s “Dogs’ Night Out” event, where dogs are served from silver platters, there is no way I can do better than the chef who decided his dog should have quality snacks that are not made with fattening ingredients and fillers. (And Tashi says he doesn’t mind at all…really!) 

At Healthy Hound Bakery there are special baskets with Christmas treats and squeeky toys, there’s a raffia wrapped “candy cane”, a beef and chicken braided savory–haven’t met a dog yet who did not love this combination–and peanut butter and carob candy canes in a special doggy stocking, even cookies that could be mistaken for people cookies of apple and oatmeal with a cider glaze, and Holiday Sampler cellophane bags, with christmas tree, star, and candy cane shaped goodies inside.  Take a look and see what fun you can have! And if you try to make some of these on your own, let me know how they come out:)

Got a favorite doggy bakery of your own?  Let us know the name, place, and what you like most about their goods–then we’ll have a list to share for next year.  Cheers–it’s back to the cookie dough for me…

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