Jane Goodall, Extremists,The Daily Show

by Mary Haight on December 8, 2009

Dr. Jane Goodall, world renowned conservationist and primatologist, is promoting her Roots & Shoots program, a global environmental and humanitarian youth program that spans 110 countries, and she has recently been on Bill Moyers talking about it and her new book “Hope for Animals and Their World.” It was a really good program, but didn’t intersect with the blog so I reluctantly dropped it.  Until now.

I was poking  around the blogosphere and came across this clip from The Daily Show via the animal welfare blog at Change.org. I had not heard about the complaint that followed Dr. Goodall’s 75th birthday celebration from an animal rights group. Dr. Goodall has advocated for animal rights for many years, and walks through the world with kindness, not the brash shrillness of extremists, which she touches on in this clip–with compassion.  And now I have an excuse to bring up her work!  Here’s the clip with hat tip to Stephanie Feldstein.  And what do you think about the complaint? Fair, or not?

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