Fay Rests

by Mary Haight on December 31, 2009

Fay, the 5-year-old pit bull saved from dogfighters as part of the HSUS and law enforcement 8-State bust thatdog300sept152009Fay5yroldPB changed the future for her and some 500 other dogs, let go of life on the 28th.  She had been cared for and loved, and knew happiness before she had to go.

 You may recall that HSUS contributed $5000 to her medical care after being publicly reminded that a fundraising ad made it sound as though HSUS was taking care of Fay’s needs when they were not. 

Here’s an update log on Fay’s recent progress, now a record of her last days from Mutts n Stuff:

“UPDATE: Fay had her first surgery preformed by Dr. Marcy Hammerle with the Pet Doctor in O’Fallon, MO. Fay’s little face was swollen but you could already see the improvement.

UPDATE: Fay has had her second surgery to try to restore bloodflow to her surgical sites. Please keep in mind this is a pioneer surgery as we try to do the best for Fay. Fay stays at the vet office during the week for bandage changes, observation, and constant vet care after intrusive surgeries. Fay spends her weekends with us so she is always under care.

UPDATE: 12/4/09 Fay will go back to surgery again on in two plus weeks. She is resting comfortably at the vet office during the week and spends the weekends with us. She is such a sweet responsive girl and we have such high hopes for her future.

UPDATE: 12/10/09 Fay will go back to surgery between Christmas and New Year. The skin will be stretched again and we will try to close skin below her nose. This may take two surgeries…..we will have to wait until surgery day to see how things are going. In the meantime, Fay now has her surgical mask removed and she is enjoying eating solid food and chewing on toys.

Today (12/11/09) I purchased Innova Flex can food for Fay next round of surgery. The food contains all the nutrients and is specially designed for dogs without teeth or jaw issues. Perfect for our girl. Thanks to the donations, we could afford to give our girl the best and thanks to Animal Crackers for selling to the food to us at their price. Win win for Ms Fay.

UPDATE: Fay will be going back to surgery December 28th to try to close the front of her lips. We will keep you updated how she is doing.

UPDATE: (12/18/09) Sad news, we learned today that Fay is positive for babesia. We will treat Fay and hope for the best.

UPDATE: (12/26/09) Fay is starting to act like a fun loving dog. She was playing with her gifts and having a ball. It is the first time we seen such happiness and it warmed our hearts. On Monday, Fay goes back to surgery.

Two short days later she was gone.

[this did say “Read more at Mutts-n-Stuff” but that site no longer exists]

(via Gina Spadafori at Pet Connection)


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