Dog Owners Do It More Often

by Craig Daniels on December 17, 2009

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This time of year parties and family get-togethers mean one thing, food. Food by the truck load is placed in front of us during the six weeks starting with Thanksgiving and ending at New Years. The NYT today has a story about a new study that shows owners of dogs are more likely to get exercise and more likely to do it more often. “To the surprise of the researchers, the dog walkers showed a big improvement in fitness, while the human walkers began making excuses to skip the workout. Walking speed among the dog walkers increased by 28 percent, compared with just a 4 percent increase among the human walkers.”  Read More

Charity donations are down this year and may be as well next year, that’s not good news for animal shelters and with the numbers of homeless pets entering shelter each year nearing 8,000,000 a huge crisis may get terribly worse. Some groups are stepping in across the nation to help and online Bring Pets Home makes it easier for shoppers to give money to shelters with every gift they buy. Macy’s, Walmart and are just a few of the online retailers who are taking part in this worth while program. I urge everyone to check out this site and pass the link on to your friends….. Thanks     :)

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