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by Mary Haight on December 22, 2009

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I’m trying to catch up with dog news and things I’ve missed while Christmas shopping, baking, wrapping, visiting, munching, toasting, and tree decorating, and maybe you have too, so I want to call your attention to Eric Goebelbecker’s excellent dog training blog over at Dog Spelled Forward for his story on Faith, the two-legged dog taught to walk upright. He’s got a video I haven’t seen elsewhere–pretty cool!

Then there was the sad story by Ryan Sabalow  where two of three brothers drowned while trying to save their dog, who fell overboard and crashed through a weak point in the ice.  The two men were submerged in the water under ice that was 2-3 inches thick. The dog survived. There’s  a video of the rescuers at work there, too.

On Dec. 1, Prince Charles called for an end to factory farming, and a November report from the Institute of Social Ecology of Austria and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research of Germany shows how this can be done, ending the cruelty and without intensive agriculture.  Animal welfare wins and so does the environment.  Read on

Doggybytes  had a story on the ASPCA which received a dog named Justice who was taken by a neighborhood person from the yard where he was being abused: severe mange, bite marks in his neck from the other dog there.  You can see the condition of Justice for yourself in the video available. The ASPCA has returned Justice to his abuser. 

This is a prime case where the law of companion animals as property must be amended.  What a horrid injustice to that dog–regardless of the fact that the neighbor technically took the dog illegally–what should trump everything here is the dog’s condition, just as it does on puppy mill busts. Animal cruelty to one dog is no less wrong than to 100 dogs.

The first case of a dog contracting H1N1 has been confirmed in New York by the AVMA and IDEXX Reference Labs.

“In the New York case, the patient is a 13-year old mixed breed neutered male dog. As with the other species who have become ill with H1N1, the dog became sick after his owner was sick and confirmed with H1N1 infection. It is thought that humans are transmitting this virus to animals.”

Read the rest from Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM at

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