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by Mary Haight on November 11, 2009

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Back on Nov 3rd PetSmart issued a recall for products that had the potential to contain salmonella contamination they have now updated that recall to include more products . Here is the updated list. Please check the list to see if you have any of the recall items.

listed with description, SKU, UPC

Dentley’s Bulk Cattle Hoof: 1611247, 73725703323

Dentley’s Choobles 10-Pack Beef Hooves: 5019015, 73725736055

Choo-Hooves Stuffed with Cheese-Bacon: 1611993, 3465190058

Choo-Hooves Stuffed with Peanut Butter: 611994, 3465190056

Flossy Chews Choo-Hoove Roper Two-Hooves: 1813131, 3465117005

Flossy Chews Roper Bone Buddy: 1815505, 3465190002

Flossy Chews Beef Bones with Rope Toy: 5080721, 3465117055

Flossy Chews White Bone Rope: 5147942, 3465117065

Knucle Steaks 2-Pack: 5084141, 3465190046

Choo-Hooves Dog Chews 3-Pack: 1611410, 3465184103

3-Pack Smoked Hooves: 5042279; 3465114003, 4651140037

5-lb. Cow Hooves: 5042275; 34651150609, 3465115060

5-lb. Smokies-Hooves: 5042277; 34651140556, 3465114055

60-Piece Smoked Hooves: 5042278, 3465112122

From the PetSmart website they posted the following and assured everyone all the products affected have been removed from their shelves and website.

“If you purchased any recalled products, discontinue use immediately and return the product to any PetSmart for a complete refund or exchange. If you have any concerns about your health or your pet’s health, we recommend that you contact a medical professional. Any additional questions about this recall can be directed to the PetSmart customer service at 1-888-839-9638.”

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