Pets on iPhone – It’s a Virtual World

by Craig Daniels on November 18, 2009

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To pet lovers everything pet is the way to go. Apple has a growing number of applications for users of iPhone and the iPod Touch.

First up from Ngmoco is a game called Touch Pet for Dogs the game bills itself as a Share & Care, Go on Play-dates with your dogs and connect with other who are playing the game.

From their website “Need a puppy friend of your very own? Well now you can adopt a pup that lives in your pocket. Bring your new friend home, take care of them, train them, set them upon a career path, and even share them with all your friends.”

Next from a company named Mobeezio we have Dog Whistler, it comes in a free and paid version and is fully adjustable by frequency. Also Animal Planet’s Daily Treat has a video about this IPhone app, check it out here Dog Whistle Video

From Mobile Simplified and for only 99 cents you can get a pet information manager allowing you to keep track of all your pets important information and have it at your finger tips where ever you go and whenever you want it.

A new app just out from PetsMD is a cousin to their online Symptom Checker giving you a ton of information at your finger tips. Now this is one app I would want to give a serious check out. At 1.99 why not give it a try and drop us a note telling us how you like it. powers an interesting app called iPetfinder. it cost 1.99 and allows you to search from your iPhone or iPod Touch for available animals in shelters around the country. This could be an interesting app in help to promote adoption. Anyone try this one out yet?

Finally there is PuppyPics from trippert Labs that allows you to download, rate and share pictures of puppies. The app is free and who doesn’t love looking at pictures of puppies….. I was unable to find a website for this app, you will have to check it out on iTunes.

The iTunes app store is full of hundreds of games and informational apps surrounding the pet world, if you have tried any of these please leave a comment with you thoughts.

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