Pet Industry Moving Forward

by Craig Daniels on November 5, 2009

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If you invest in stocks do you invest in the pet industry? According to news sources the pet industry has done better than average over the last year and forecasts seem to point to continued growth for all products “pet” in 2010. I thought looking at a few stocks might be fun and let you see what’s going on around 1:00 PM today November 5th, 2009

Central Garden for Pets (NASDAQ –CENT ) reached 10.75 which is up almost 4% from yesterdays close, their 52 week low stands at 2.17.

PetMed Express ( NASDAQ – PET ) was up today to 15.98 which is almost 2% from yesterdays close, their 52 week low stands at 13.14

PetSmart (NASDAQ – PETM ) was up today to 24.02 which is up a bit over 1% from yesterdays close, their 52 week low stands at 13.27.

A couple of weeks ago Gina DiNardo Chairperson of Meet The Breeds was to have rung the opening bell at NASDAQ on behalf of JAKKS Pacific who is one of the sponsors of Meet The Breeds. (NASDAQ – JAKK ) was down today to 11.86 a little more then 1/2% down from yesterdays high, their 52 week low stands at 10.16

Pets and all the products surrounding them may be recession proof at least in the short term. just like people do more around their own homes during recessions they also spend more time with their pets and that surely builds a stronger bond. The stronger the bond the more people will want to do things and buy things for their pets.

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