Holiday Pet Gifts Review

by Mary Haight on November 14, 2009

Toys, handy gadgets, sunlight boxes, pet beds and the holiday pet gifts review continues!  There were a lot of booths at that Backer Christmas show, so here’s some more cool stuff that caught my eye.

Busy Buddy Puppy Toys

Puppies are curious about everything they see, and will explore, with theirBB_Pup mouths, everything within reach.  You can keep them entertained with the Busy Buddy line of puppy toys. Made with puppies in mind, these toys feature softer rubber that’s soft for puppy teeth, but durable enough for extended playtime. It’s always a good idea to watch puppies while they play with toys.

Note: Toys are made to stand up to puppy teeth only, 2-6 months old. $6-$11 by size.

Pogo Plush Toy

Stuffing-free toys keep dogs safe from broken seams and pet parents withoutPOGO_PKG the worry of what ingested stuffing can cause in the form of an impacted bowl for the dog. The Pogo Plush toys are constructed with an inner rubber skeleton and free-floating squeaker, so it bounces as well as allowing for a good chew.  $8-$11 by size

Premier Pet Products



 For life’s little necessities, these bags are 100% biodegradable dog waste bags, made in the US from renewable resources like corn. Silky feeling andpoopbagsbox_emlg thicker than most waste bags, PoopBags are what they call shelf-stable but decompose like an apple. PoopBags come in a roll of 50, in a 100% recycled box.  An eco-friendly business for cleaning up your dog’s business!  100 bags, $19.99, free shipping in US. 200 bags, $28.99.



The SunSpa luxury pet bed is a portable health and heating unit for indoorpet light - no dog use by your pets. It simulates sunlight shining through a window, soothing any pet any time it’s needed. It is a Sunbeam product.

The SunSpa provides a cozy warm place to curl up and rest,  alleviates SAD/Seasonal Depression Symptoms, enhances sleep quality, raises energy levels, is easy to clean and folds for easy storage.

Woof–at $529, you might ask if it can be adapted for people too…

Paradise Image


Winter’s just around the corner with its burning salt and poisonous deicing chemicals waiting to make your dog’s paws sore or make your dog really sick if he licks his paws. I know every time I take3_nobox the dog out it’s a major clean up in the sink. Bigger dogs require tub treatment and that is time most of us just don’t have.

The PawPlunger cleans pets paws thoroughly with soft bristles that surround the paw and get the dirt off without discomfort to your dog. Just fill this mug-shaped gadget with water and plunge in the pup’s paws. The gentle bristles do the job, and all you need is a towel at the door.  It does a much better job than trying to use baby/dog wipes, and saves money, too. 

PawPlunger comes in three sizes: petite (toys, puppies and cats); medium (best for most breeds, 15 to 80 pounds); and large (for our biggest best friends, 80 pounds and up). $29.99

Paw Plunger LLC

William Wegman Dog Eared Pet Bed

Here’s a clean pet bed design with unobtrusive colors, made with Crypton fabrics–known to repel dirt like water off a duck’s back.d0049_mWWegmanwCryptonFabric

 They make machine-washable pet beds that are resistant to moisture, stains, odors and bacteria. They have created a fabric with an impenetrable barrier that keeps grime from soaking through the fabric so the inside stays clean and dry. Accidents just wipe away. For stubborn stains, there’s a complete Pet Stain and Odor Remover System. There are many fabrics and colors combinations to suit any style.

Molly B. and Wegman beds start around $100 and go up to around $160 depending on size and fabric choice.

Crypton Fabrics

I’ll be back again with more items for you to check out.  If you’ve tried any of these products, give us a shout!

One more thing…

Kim Campbell Thornton has an interesting piece “Public Health Veterinarians–and why we have them” that clarifies some disinformation being broadcast by some media outlets about what’s in the health care bill and (false) claims that pets are covered.

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