HH Backer Christmas Pet Products Show Part II

by Mary Haight on November 4, 2009

After nearly 4 hours of walking the aisles of the 2009 HH Backer Christmas Pet Products Show talking to company reps about their business and products, I was getting a bit talked out and tired.  Then I caught a glimpse of these two giant white dogs, either Great Pyrenees or Hungarian  Kuvasz I think, and suddenly felt a little refreshed.  I walked over4073841427_31d5273989_o to where the two were hanging out and found they were models for the Comfy Cone, a soft, folding product meant to replace the hard plastic protective cones used after surgeries, injuries and infections to prevent pets from bothering wounds or sutures.

Comfy Cone makes life a little easier for you and your pets with this soft but effective collar made of long lasting, lightweight, easy to clean ripstop nylon. You can avoid getting bumped in the back of your calf by the lip( ow ow Ow!). It’s also used for hot spots and allergies. Your dog will feel a lot more normal in this comfy collar.  You can turn down the front of the collar so the dog can eat his food, he can see where he’s going and it collapses flat under his chin if he wants to take a snooze:)  A much better solution for all. And it’s washable.

There were 88OO (keyboard won’t produce zeros, nevermind!) buyers that went through this pet product show over the three-day period and orders were up this year.  Oh, almost forgot–got all wrapped up in showing you the dogs and forgot to show you the Comfy Cone!  This is the collar all the dogs are raving about6bfa0b78-6c5c-4fc7-b2aa-cf2c31cec5e6_regular.  (Yes,  it’s the pro shot rather than the one I took at the show–tough to shoot in the circumstances and mine ended up looking like the big white dog face was surrounded by a circular black hole!)

It’s getting really late, so I’m cutting this one short with the final look at the Home Pet Spa I mentioned briefly in the first installment.  This is the pet wash container that doesn’t look like the washing machine style from Europe, you know, the one that seems like it would have your neighbors calling the authorities to stop you from abusing your dog?  This spa unit hooks up to your drain system in the bathroom (only if you live in a palace with proportionally generous bathrooms) or in the laundry room or garage (which seems the sensible solution).

The Home Pet Spa at the show was all $tainless $teel, a beautiful piece of work.  There were plenty of water jets on the 1biginside, the floor has multilevel settings for short and tall dogs, and it has locking casters to allow ease of movement from inside to outside and safe operation when dealing with antsy dogs dancing around inside.  The door opens out so it’s easy to release Shadow from the hell that is getting wet, and for some, the affront of being clean:)

This would be useful for people with multiple big dogs and would conceivably  pay this capital expenditure back in due time if they count lack of calls to the plumber for clogged drains. Originally used in commercial markets, these types of  luxuries  are part of the drive to provide consumers with choices for their pets as architects provide to family members when building homes: A dedicated bathing area in the home where furry family members are pampered too.

I’ll be back next week with more pet products with the emphasis on toys for the holidays!  And as long as you’re here, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, how about telling me what your dog’s favorite toy is?  I’m looking for ideas for Tashi this year and would like to know what you think.


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