Vick Declines BAD RAP Offer to Visit Dogs

by Mary Haight on October 15, 2009

Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls( BAD RAP), has cared for and worked to rehabilitate 10 of Vick’s former dogs, and when they heard the Eagles were playing the Oakland Raiders, they sent an invitation. BAD RAP would show Vick eight of his former dogs if he wanted to see how they were doing. Since he is not allowed to be within a proscribed distance to any dog, BAD RAP chose a setting that would adhere to parole requirements.

Tim Racer, co-founder of BAD RAP, said they got news through the Eagles Wednesday that Vick would not accept the offer. Racer also brought up the question we all have on our minds: Vick wants to be redeemed yet how is that supposed to happen without the contact needed to show he understands how horrifically he has wronged these dogs? Barring that, it all sounds like lip service.  Racer told the AP:

We understand Vick is trying to right his wrongs and is very interested in redemption, but you can’t find redemption without acknowledging your victims. Making amends to the dogs themselves would have helped to create some closure for many of us, especially those people who worked so hard to keep them from being destroyed. It seems that Vick is not ready to go there.

(Source: AP’s Josh Dubow)

One more thing…

LA Unleashed’s Mark Milian picked up one of Dogster’s blogs by Dr Eric Barchas(8/09) with a killer headline: “Dog Thwarted in Effort to Kill Self by Eating Fake Breast” Resistance is futile:)

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