Pet Services Spending in 2010 Poised to Accelerate

by Craig Daniels on October 21, 2009

According to APPA in 2008 45 million US. households owned 77 million dogs and those households spent the majority  of a combined 3.2 billion dollars on pet services including grooming, exercise workouts, spas and daycare/doggie hotels. Even with the recession pet services have risen in 2009 with companies like Wal-Mart setting themselves up to grab a piece of the pie and offer more and more pet services. Wal-Mart will surely offer a stiff challenge to PetSmart and other smaller companies offering pet services.

Wal-Mart and other big box stores like Target will most certainly increase their pet services presence in 2010 and muddy up the waters for traditional industry leaders. Increasing gossip on the grape vine is speaking to the observation that in 2009 both Petco and PetSmart slowed down their future plans for new stores. We may see smaller industry players roll out new and exciting programs to reward loyalty, this will be a huge benifit to both the shoppers battered by the recession and to the pets they shop for.

Small service operators would do well to join associations and get to know the business owners in their area offering pet services. The small business owner can use their size and nimbleness to craft alliances thereby mitigating the effects of  big box creep.

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