Pet-Peeve Solutions: CatGenie Grants Wishes

by Mary Haight on October 10, 2009

Do you love cleaning the cat box?  Does anyone?  Our cat friends need help…and this CatGenie looks like it might be a solution to a longstanding pet peeve!

Allergies prevent me from having a cat, much to my dog Tashi ‘s dismay, but my unitCat Geniefriend Elizabeth has three, along with two dogs.  Three cats means a huge litter pan.  And lots of continuous scooping lest the foster dog go in search of forbidden snacks. Stalking the good life (insert gutteral sound here) is hard to catch and correct. Cleaning that pan, dumping the cat litter, schlepping the litter from the store, and scrubbing the pan are necessary pains, or so I thought until I came across the CatGenie 120. This product looks like it will be the solution to more than one pet peeve.

Billed as the “greenest pet box ever” the cat-safe sanitizing cartridge used is, unlike  litter, biodegradable and recyclable.  The standard use mode will give you 120 washes, but if set to cat activation it yields twice as many!  The company states “In one year, two CatGenie cats would use 6 to 7 cleaning cartridges. In the same time, two cats using a regular litter box or a self-scooper would use and contaminate about 360 lbs (or 12 plastic containers) of cat litter.”  They even have a compare and save chart here.

There are permanent washable granules that stay in the bowl portion of this high-tech litter box, that are washed clean after a scoop has removed solids, and it flushes like a toilet. A blower drys the granules. You’ll never have to use environmentally damaging, expensive, dusty (unhealthy) cat litter again.  And it’s cheaper than using litter, too (in cat activation mode). Check out the video on the CatGenie .

The instructions for installation look like this:

“The litter box needs cold water that you tap into off of a bathroom or laundry room line. The plumbing part takes a little bit of work, but anyone can pull this off, you plug the CatGenie into a nearby outlet. Finally the system needs a place to drain, either one like this or a toilet will work just fine. The kitty litter in the machine is washable and reusable. That way you’ll no longer have to buy bag after bag of the stuff. The CatGenie concept is fairly simple. Liquids drain out of the basin and are washed away. For solids the scooper does the work. The waste is liquefied and sent down the drain. The system then washes and sanitizes the granules which are then blown dry with hot air.”

If this looks like something you’ve been waiting for, there’s more information on the website. It runs around $300 and while that’s long on the expense recovery side, consider that this is a health issue for you, your cat, your bank balance, and the environment too, and is not simply for convenience.

Drop me  a line if you have had experience with the CatGenie 120 or its predecessor. I’d like to get your take on it.

(Note: Just so you know, I did not get paid or gifted in any way for writing this review.)

One more thing…

Sophia Yin, Veterinarian and Applied Animal Behaviorist, has an interesting article you might want to read on dominant dog behavior found in the Huffington Post, and on her blog.

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My CatGenie would not turn to sleep mode after 14 hours of active mode. I called and got the first replacement unit which would NOT sense my cat using CatGenie, so I returned it. I got the second replacement unit which will not turn to sleep mode unless my cat uses it, then it turns to sleep mode without cleaning it first. When I called CatGenie the third time, they said that I have tempered with the first replacement unit and voided my warranty. I never tempered or removed any seal they were talking about. It was a bad unit which was sent to me. I have already trained my cats using CatGenie, so I stuck with it. I also stuck with the second replacement unit which won’t go to sleep mood. Do anyone have the same problem with sleep/active mode setting? If so, please help me. CatGenie will not help me unless I buy another brand new unit.


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