Happy Halloween Pet Costume Video

by Mary Haight on October 31, 2009

For all those dogs who just love to get dressed up, here’s something to consider…the sale on Halloween costumes should start tomorrow! And here’s a video of costumes from Pet Costumes Halloween

Watch that your dog or cat doesn’t get his lips around any stray candy this year. Keep the ASPCA poison control numberavailable 1 888 426 4435. It costs $60 for a phone consult so be prepared.  Chocolate and zylitol used to sweeten candy are major culprits. Even empty wrappers can be dangerous.

And given that public service announcement, don’t forget that if Butch doesn’t want to wear his caped crusader costume, don’t force it.  Dogs can have contact reactions to fabrics, sounds they make, or just dislike the whole concept–and not just because the costume doesn’t fit right.

I don’t dress Tashi…he likes his winter coats because he’s no fool, not in Midwest winters, but the fussy stuff?  It’s just not for a dog who, after having his hair taken out of his face and put up in a rubberband, runs to the sofa and buries his head in the pillows hoping to mess it up again.  And I always loosen the hair so there is no chance of any pulling sensation…nope, fancy dress is just not for Tashi!  Enjoy your dogs and cats:)

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