AKC Partners with Puppy Mill Hunte Corp

by Mary Haight on October 30, 2009

AKC has been on the fringes in my view for some time.  When they lobbiedAKC-HUNTE in Illinois (and throughout the US) with the NRA against laws ensuring that puppy mills, like those large commercial facilities run by Hunte Corp, would have to change their ways,  house dogs in appropriate cages and keep them clean in buildings with adequate heat and cooling ventilation, I knew AKC had lost their way.  When political philosophy outweighs the reality of  animal cruelty, agencies on the side of philosophy can’t claim to be working in the best interests of animals.  The real evil in their minds is that, OMG, another law has been proposed–can’t allow that.  

According to AKC, we have too many laws on the books already. That may be true, but what has that to do with facts?  There are no laws describing caretaking of animals in these commercial facilities naming the above particulars. (Even walking the dogs and getting them vet checked was  bandied about – wonder of wonders.) This Illinois law, Chloe’s law, was needed to pave the way for prosecuting the intractable types incapable of effecting humane changes. Without it, these facilities remain untouchable. And the dogs just keep paying.

Of course with the power of money up against what is right, the file on Chloe’s law was gutted and shelved and money won the day, as is often the case.  The animals continue to suffer.  But animals are not the main concern of the AKC any longer. If they were about the animals and their welfare, why would they partner with puppy mills like Hunte Corporation, suppliers to Petland?

Here’s the thing, puppy mills started their own registry to create a “lineage” (what a dark and sick joke that is) for the “goods” they sell, giving resellers an excuse to charge outrageous amounts of money for defectively bred dogs totally by-passing AKC.  AKC loses all that registration money.  It’s a lot.

Now AKC partners with Hunte allowing them to register online, with perks like bulk pricing no doubt!  AKC gets the money to register all those tens of thousands of puppies sold at pet stores across the US. And the likes of Petland get to waive papers in people’s faces with “AKC” emblazoned across the top.  They are laughing all the way to the bank.  And the good breeders–who know what they are doing with genetics and who understand how to properly socialize animals making them fit companions for families–will suffer.  And so will we.

Take a look at Gina Spadafori‘s article, and  Terrierman and Heather Houlahan‘s blogs for more details.

If there are opposing views, or people who don’t know much about this, the forum is open.

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