Update: China Dog Slaughter Cancelled!

by Mary Haight on September 23, 2009

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
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Breaking News: Details are still coming in to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) headquarters, but all announcements of the dog cull set to take place in Qinhuangdao have been removed from all public posts and websites. Has the dog slaughter outside Beijing really been cancelled?

 The September 10 dog slaughter threat had been delayed.  Word spread throughout the animal welfare community, from country to country, and when all eyes turned to China, supporting Chinese citizen protests, the cull was put off.  Now it seems the disaster has been cancelled, with this from Fred O’Regan, IFAW’s President:

“Great News!  Thanks to the immediate response of our supporters, the dog cull in Qinhuangdao has been averted.

The details are still coming in – but it’s clear that the government in Qinhuangdao felt the pressure from IFAW supporters around the world. Public notices and government web site postings announcing the cull have been taken down.

If you ever wondered whether one person can make a difference – well, this is proof that they can! Every email, message, and dollar sent had a direct effect on averting a widespread, unnecessary and cruel slaughter.

We will be keeping a close eye on the area until we are convinced that no dogs will be harmed in the future. Many locals sent their pets away to friends and family in order to protect them, and we want to make sure Qinhuangdao remains a safe place for them to return.

You see, local government officials often resort to dog culls because China has no rabies prevention program or animal welfare legislation. A single case of rabies can create a panic – leading to calls for a mass dog slaughter at anytime.

That’s why it’s so important for IFAW to establish vaccination and sterilization programs within China to control overpopulation and disease – before more culls are called for…

and in a postscript,

“With IFAW’s support, the first draft of national animal welfare legislation for China is being completed. If passed into law this will permanently ban the dog culls we have been campaigning against.”

You can visit their website/donate here: IFAW.  You will not see a press release on this yet, but since I received this alert from the organization’s President,  I’m passing it on now.  Good news in this area is hard won–containing it, unthinkable:)

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