Breed Specific Legislation – A British View

by Mary Haight on September 17, 2009

Pit Bull Awareness Day
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As cities around the US make attempts to enact this needlessly cruel and completely ineffective  legislation, I’m always looking around to see what other countries are doing, hoping to find signs of a new trend illustrating a more reasonable approach. 

In all the places eager to enact Breed Specific Legislation, it’s the hysterical voices of hate and fear that make the news, so it’s hard to determine the strength of  those of sound mind who go to root causes of problem dogs: lazy, irresponsible, or criminally negligent dog owners.

Since I check UK and Irish newspapers and K-9 Magazine for what’s  happening, I came across an article by Ryan O’Meara, editor at K-9 Magazine, claiming to have found the origin of this legislation.  I had to laugh (the kind of laugh that comes from being tired of underscoring what should be obvious to any critical thinker–you know, blame the owner not the dog) at this video he and his team put together explaining BSL‘s origin.

Since it wasn’t on YouTube, I suggested he might want to make it available there and his response was FAST…and here it is:)

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